Company information

Goin’ Postal is a chain of retail shipping & receiving stores that now has hundreds of locations. GP Brands has its corporate headquarters in beautiful Zephyrhills, FL. As well as offering consumers and businesses access to all the main carriers such as FedEx, DHL, and the United States Postal Service, Goin’ Postal also offers other business related services such as copying, faxing, mailbox rentals, cards, unique gift items, and office supplies. While Goin’ Postal is not affiliated with the United States Postal Service, it is joining forces with the Post Office in the new Approved Shipper Program to better serve the public together. Many of our customers and store owners are, in fact, present and past Post Office employees. Founded and led forward by the Price Family, the company exceeded its business plan projections by turning a consistent profit within its first 2 years of operation. Goin’ Postal is now a national chain with new stores opening, and scheduled to be open, all across the nation. To find locations near you, please visit our “Locations” page.

With rapid expansion plans, we have grown from a single store which opened in Florida in late 2002 and was alone until mid 2004, to a chain of numerous Goin’ Postal stores across the United States.

Our aggressive growth is outpacing ALL of our competition including the big names we have all come to know.

Goin’ Postal bases its business ideals around the American family, and the American dream that those families are working toward. All of our independent, franchised stores are owned and operated by families who have placed their faith in our leadership, training, and support. We are glad to say that almost every member of our extended Franchisee Family is meeting or exceeding their expectations for their new business venture, and some are already opening their second and THIRD Goin’ Postal stores!

The Goin’ Postal mission is to provide great customer service, fair rates, and attention to detail within our extended business family and to mentor our franchisees to be the most successful franchisees in the industry. Our company IS a family. When someone joins our company and opens a Goin’ Postal store, he/she becomes part of our family and his/her successes and struggles become our successes and struggles. We know all the owners of our stores personally, and we really care about their achievements and their financial success. We work closely with them and provide personalized attention, and will always support and mentor our store owners with all of our available resources. We honestly care, and that is why we and our store owners will consistently continue to rise above the competition

Our customers are our family too. We aim to get to know every one of our customers by name, and to learn what is important to them. When one of our customers walks into one of our stores, we strive to know whether she wants to be in and out of the door in 45 seconds, or if he wants to chat about his daughter’s graduation, a loved one’s illness, or the family’s new puppy. We care, we listen, and we live as part of our customers’ extended families. It is our honor and our privilege to be part of our customers’ lives, and to serve them.

We want all of our stores to be successful, and we demonstrate to small communities the manner in which we and all Goin’ Postal store owners strive to do business. As a result, we enthuse the local community to support its local business owners and to do business as a family, just as we do…and everyone loves to do business with family.

Interested in joining The Goin’ Postal family? Please access our online information to find out how you can have your own Goin’ Postal store. Just click on the word “Franchises” above, and be sure to fill out the online FDD request form. Thank you for your interest in Goin’ Postal, and for taking the time to learn more about us, our goals, and how we do business!