PennText authorizes us to pay CASH, up front, for used textbooks. As this semester comes to a close, let us see if we can help you get the most back for your books.

We can pay CASH for textbooks, and compare prices via email!

 Contact us here at Goin’ Postal Zephyrhills in the downtown district for more information. 

The Bad News: In the past, I’ve really hated working with textbooks, because I realize how much of a racket the textbook industry is. The publishers charge a ton of money for new books, which students are required to buy. Then, when students go to sell them back, the ones they had to buy are worth a fraction of what they paid, because the textbook publishers came out with a new edition. I hate this, too. And it hasn’t changed.

The Good News: PennText is a Pennsylvania company, out of Downingtown, PA. I’ve met with several of the folks who work at this fairly small, family-owned business, and I like them. I believe they are good people, running a business that benefits both their employees AND the students we serve. With PennText, I think I can get our students the best case scenario, give them the most money offered, up front, for their used texts.

Even better news….  students don’t even have to lug all their big books in to me to see if they want to sell them or not. They can send me a list, of all the ISBNs, for the textbooks they are considering selling, and I can email them back how much PennText authorizes me to pay them, IN CASH. They can compare that to other services, and to how much the campus bookstore is offering. PennText also buys many calculators, classroom “clickers”, and even video games. I’m happy to check prices for you.

Have A Question Call 813.783.1315 to ask specific questions. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.