Custom Boxing

When a plain-old stock corrugated box is not big enough or strong enough for your stuff, come to the box building experts at Goin’ Postal in downtown Zephyrhills. We can custom-build boxes to fit practically anything and we’ll also pack your items, so they’ll make it through the transportation network in one piece.

Why do businesses and residents rely on Goin’ Postal in Zephyrhills for their custom boxes and packing needs? Because we can build custom corrugated boxes for your favorite antique rocking chair, artwork, electronic equipment or 8-foot-tall giraffe pinata’s – our custom boxes are designed to fit your items’ exact dimensions. When it comes to custom boxes, size does not matter at Goin’ Postal in Zephyrhills.


Single Walled or Double makes no difference to our custom box making experts.

So, the next time your stuck and can’t find a box to fit that shipment. Bring it to the Experts at Goin’ Postal in Zephyrhills.

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